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If you have always wanted to sing but never dared give it a go, here is your opportunity, my choirs are fun and accessible so whether you're a seasoned singer or totally terrified you'll be made welcome.  Singing has long been renowned for making you feel good and has now been proven to be great for your health.  

 'I keep hearing the words 'I can't sing'.  Here is my response .... Everyone can sing!  Some people are natural singers and it comes easily to them and some people have to put more effort in (depending on what they want to achieve).  

All of our voices must be heard!  Singing is as essential to human life as eating and sleeping.  If you want to feel alive - sing.  

We live in a culture that divides people into those who can sing and those who can't and shames us for trying if we're not brilliant at our first attempt.  Imagine if we treated reading or writing in that way - hardly anyone would be able read or write.  My choirs always have a mixture of people from confident singers to those who were thrown out of the school choir and haven't dared try since.  In my choirs everyone's voice is equally valued - why not come and see for yourself sometime!' 

I have been teaching community choirs and singing workshops for 14 years.  Classes take place in Swansea and on the Gower.  See the Calendar for dates and places. See Groups Choirs and Classes for detailed information about each group.  Click here to join my mailing list.

"A few of us were talking in the park after the concert and agreeing how singing with you had changed our lives.  You have a quality about you that inspires us, not only to sing when we thought we couldn't, but to feel uplifted about the whole of our lives and each other.  I can find no words to describe what singing with you has meant to me and everybody I have ever spoken to has said the same."  Marsha

Remember - no previous musical or singing experience is needed so get in touch via the contact page to come along for a try out. 


Workshop sat Botanical Gardens of Wales